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Introduction to Black and White Photography - 35mm
Two Day Weekend Intensive Workshop

You will develop a basis for seeing and making photographs, and gain an overview of the process. Cameras and film explained, Film development, Making proofs of the images, Making enlargements of these images, Evaluating the results.
It’s a ‘hands on’ approach where you do the photographing, developing and processing and printing of your images.
This course will take you from exposure right through to the print stage.
All materials supplied.

For any enquiries contact Enrico Scotece:
All details below...


Two days. (9.30am to 4.00pm Sat & Sun)
No. of students: Maximum of four.
Price: $395.00. ( includes refreshments and photographic materials)
Deposit: $100.00. (balance two weeks before class)
Content: Overview of the process.
Cameras and film explained.
Seeing images and composing photographs.
Making some photographs in our neighbourhood.
Film development.
Making proofs of the images.
Selecting images to print.
Making enlargements of these images.
Evaluating the results.
Presentation of prints for viewing.
Prerequisite & What to bring: A 35mm camera that works and some way of measuring light if a meter is not built in.
If your camera is fully automatic you should also be able to operate it in manual mode.
If you dont have a camera - let us know in advance! Yes, we can supply one.
We will contact you (by phone) prior to the course and discuss any questions you may have.
You will: Develop a basis for seeing and making photographs.
Make some photographs.
Develop your film.
Print a proof sheet.
Print (enlarge) some of your photographs.
Understand the processes of B&W photography.
Have the knowledge to do it yourself in future.
Follow-up classes: Intermediate to Advanced Black & White course
Black & White Fine Printing


Image credits: Enrico Scotece   © Copyright.