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Pinhole Photography Workshop 
One Day Weekend Workshop

The lo-fi approach to photography! Making the camera yourself is an exciting way to make photographs.

In this workshop you will develop a basis for making photographs with the simplest forms of photography - without a lens.

What we will cover:

- the history of the camera obscura
- types of pinhole cameras available
- make your own simple (or complex) camera
- learning and experimenting with pinhole exposure
- techniques in composition
- experimenting with format
- exposing with paper and film
- printing from film / printing from paper negatives
- dealing with reciprocity / long exposures

This workshop is a 'hands on' approach where you do the photographing and printing of your images. This coures will take you from exposure right through to the print stage. Materials supplied.

For any enquiries contact Enrico Scotece:


One day. (10.00am to 4.00pm, Sunday)
No. of students: Maximum of six.
Price: $245.00. ( includes refreshments and photographic materials)
Deposit: $100.00. (balance two weeks before class)
What to bring: A handheld light meter if you have one.
Bring any pinhole experiments or pinhole cameras that you may have.
You will: Develop a basis for seeing and making photographs with a pinhole camera.
Make some photographs.
Understand the processes of B&W photography.
Have the knowledge to do it yourself in future.
Follow-up classes: Introduction to Black & White Photography
Intermediate to Advanced Black & White course
Black & White Fine Printing

Above: Pinhole photograph from a 4x5 inch
large format negative made with a view camera

Above: As seen through a
pinhole camera made from a coffee tin.

Below: One of our converted Rollei film boxes with
a paper positive

Image credits:
Enrico Scotece   © Copyright.