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We have relocated to the Upper Blue Mountains, NSW

We have now relocated to the Upper Blue Mountains and will shortly announce our new workshop dates and darkroom hire information.

2018 Workshops and Courses dates coming soon.
Darkroom Hire available mid 2018.

Think Negative is a boutique creative space with a professionally equipped darkroom, lab, studio, and teaching facility. Our exhibition space showcases analogue photography and associated media.

Our courses & workshops specialise in traditional photographic media from 35mm to Large Format cameras 4x5 inch and beyond. Black and white film offers unique qualities that cannot be achieved with any other comparable medium. Enrol into one of our workshops or courses to enjoy the traditional and unique techniques of photography.

Exchange ideas, learn from those around you and become inspired by creating, sharing, and viewing photographs.
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Tel: Enrico Scotece 0412 067 239
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ABN 20 757 787 547
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Enrico Scotece/Think Negative on Instagram